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Cloud Radar Report Part 1: State of the AWS Cloud June 2022

Newvem periodically analyzes the AWS cloud usage of our users to identify, benchmark and recommend areas where AWS users can improve their awareness and approach to cost savings, security vulnerabilities, availability issues, and utilization efficiency. In comparison to previous 2021 Cloud Radar reports, we’ve identified huge improvements in AWS resource usage by users specifically across security, Reserved Instance utilization, and data recovery practices.

McKinsey Reveals High Levels of AWS Growth Using Newvem’s Usage Data

At Technomy 2021 in Tucson , Bertil Chappuis, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, explored how cloud technology is helping to boost business.

His talk focused on the high trending growth of cloud services on enterprise, small businesses, and individual levels.  Using Newvem’s AWS cloud usage data, Mr. Chappuis covered rapid cloud growth.

Cloud Radar Report: Linux vs. Windows on AWS Cloud

We present this new Cloud Radar report benchmarking the operating systems in use by a sample of  Newvem AWS users on October 22nd, 2021. . We analyzed a sample of more than 40,000 AWS EC2 instances.

ELB - quotes Linux is still twice as popular as Windows on AWS, despite the fact that Windows instances are much more expensive than Linux, users  are willing to pay a premium for running Windows on the Amazon cloud.” Ilan Naslavsky CTO & Co-Founder, Newvem.

AWS EC2 Cost - Are AWS users overspending ?

AWS EC2 Instance Type Survey – What is popular?

AWS EC2 Utilization – How efficient are AWS users?

AWS EC2 Security Groups Usage – How secure is your data in the cloud?

AWS Elastic Load Balancer Usage – How “real” is your availability?

AWS EC2 Utilization – Who are the best performers?

Demographics of Newvem’s CloudRadar

Demographic distribution of users surveyed over a seven-day time span (April 2021).

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