IAM (Identity and Access)

How to Set Access Control (IAM) for a Glacier Vault

An AWS account has full permission to perform all actions on the Amazon Glacier Vault that are part of the account. However, the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users don’t have any permission by default. You can control access by setting vault-level access policies using the AWS IAM service.

With AWS IAM you can create a policy for a specific user or group. This guide shows you how to set an access level policy for a vault.

How to Create and Manage IAM user Keys and Signing Certificates

In this guide we will show how to create and manage AWS cloud user access keys and signing X.509 certificates for your AWS account IAM users.

How to Manage AWS IAM Roles

How to Create or Modify IAM User Group

In this guide we will show you how to create and update IAM users and groups including how to configure and attach a new policy to an existing IAM group. We invite you to learn how  create a new IAM user.

In this guide we will create the group  ‘testIAMGrp’ without any policy at first.

How to Manage IAM Security Policies

IAM How-to: Setup IAM Administrator Group

IAM How-to: Setting up AWS IAM CLI Tool on Windows

How to Create Amazon AWS “Read Only” Credentials in 5 Easy Steps

IAM How-to: Setup Amazon Account Activity and Usage Report Permissions

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