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How to Create a CloudFront Download Distribution with AWS S3

AWS CloudFront is a content distribution service offered by AWS to speed up the distribution of static or dynamic content, such as media files, html, js css, etc as well php. CloudFront serves its content through edge locations. As of Dec 2021, AWS had more than 35+ edge locations across the globe. When the user requests for any static content from CloudFront, it will find the nearest edge location to the user and deliver the content from that edge location to reduce the latency.

The present guide demonstrates how to create a download distribution with the AWS S3 service for CloudFront.

How to Archive/Restore AWS S3 Objects to/from Amazon Glacier Archive

How to Set Access Control (IAM) for a Glacier Vault

An AWS account has full permission to perform all actions on the Amazon Glacier Vault that are part of the account. However, the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users don’t have any permission by default. You can control access by setting vault-level access policies using the AWS IAM service.

With AWS IAM you can create a policy for a specific user or group. This guide shows you how to set an access level policy for a vault.

How to Enable Notifications on an AWS Glacier Vault

How to Create a Glacier Vault on AWS

How to Work with S3 Objects and Folders

How to Delete AWS S3 Storage Buckets and Objects

How to Enable and Use S3 Bucket Access Logging

How to Enable Notifications for Lost Objects in (Reduced Redundancy Storage) RRS

How to Use Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) to Store an Object

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