What’s an Indicator ?

Newvem analytic Indicator refers to a meaningful raw cloud usage metric or a simple calculation of these metrics. Newvem analytic service detects and records these indicators in order to generate full visibility and forecast of your cloud usage. For example number of instances or the projected costs.

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What’s a Cloud Insight ?

Newvem Analytic service locates regions of interest and meaningful usage patterns and generates insights out of them. Newvem Insights are qualitative indicators or meaningful conclusions resulted of a comprehensive calculation of several indicators.

Newvem insight is a compound of the three following parts:

  1. The Data – the related indicators and raw metrics.
  2. The Conclusion – the insight’s qualitative results.
  3. The Recommendation – Newvem analytic provides an information and tools on how to act in order to achieve an improvement.

Suggest Your Insight

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Suggest Your Cloud Insight

We would like to offer our community the opportunity to suggest additional cloud insights that you would like to see in your cloud environments. Check out our Insights Channel to learn more about Newvem’s unique insights. We also invite you to Order Your Cloud Insight and take part in developing the next killer insight together with the KnowYourCloud Community.

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