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This presentation brought to you by Jos Boumans, VP of Operations at Krux Digital. Krux delivers a cloud-based data management platform that helps companies protect, manage, and monetize consumer data across all digital screens and sources. Krux software supports 400K unique users a month and thousand of requests every second. According to Newvem’s definitions, the company is  an AWS heavy user and these slides are an excellent overview of a cloud adoption case.

Encrypt Your Data in the Cloud

Keeping data private and secure has always been a business imperative for data privacy and regulatory compliance reasons, and as businesses seriously consider migrating to the cloud, data security is one of the most significant concerns. Once data is moved to the cloud, it becomes vulnerable to a number of new threats, and data security must be addressed jointly by the cloud provider and the customer itself. In our presentation we will discuss the shared responsibility module, review the pros and cons of current approaches to cloud data security, and discuss new and emerging technologies such as split-key encryption and partially homomorphic key encryption that enables organizations to maintain data privacy in a public cloud environment.

This presentation brought to you by Ariel Dan, Co-Founder VP sales & Marketing at Porticor cloud security.

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In Depth: AWS IAM and VPC

One of the most important leading features that Amazon Web Services released on 2011 was the VPC. Together with the IAM (Identity Access Management)  It helps the enterprise to deploy a more secure and  robust environment inside the amazing AWS public cloud. Before the VPC, all the AWS computing nodes were exposed to the internet without the option to protect specific instances that include critical service and data. The security groups were a good tool to support security separation of instances though it was never enough and include a great amount of custom work. With VPC the public cloud consumer can create a private secured portion that easily communicate with the public resources. These slides present best practice on how to manage IAM and an example of VPC deployment with a secure integration with the  the on-premise resources.

SaaS as a Security Hazard: The Google Apps Example

As the borderline between a web site and an application blurs, so does the division between the enterprise IT and the internet. More and more enterprises adapt core applications which are provided as a service over the Internet. Until recently those where limited to vertical applications such as for sales automation and for recruiting, both of which have already suffered major security issues that compromises customer data.

Google software push has led to enterprise adaption of general purpose cloud services including office tools, mail and knowledge management, which presents an entirely new risk level. In this presentation we will discuss the security risks of SaaS (Software as a service) and review past incidents on such services. We will than dissect the security implications of using Google Apps as an example for a SaaS and create a checklist of things to examine in a SaaS offering before subscribing to ensure that it provides sufficient security. Lastly we will discuss the solutions offered by Google as well as 3rd party solutions.

Newvem partnered with IGT to generate a series of events under the theme “The Cloud Management Forum”. Those slides were presented on the session:  Cloud Security Management meetup. This presentation brought you by Ofer Shezaf Information Security Visionary and Evangelist, HP Software.

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AWS Cloud Reserved Instances - Making the Right Decision

Reserved Instances are a killer feature from AWS cloud that can save 35-55% of your bill and assure capacity utilization. Since AWS requires a 1 – 3 years contract, the challenge is trying to figure if Reserved Instances are right for you and how to execute the move.

Newvem’s Reserved Instance Decision Making Tool analyzes your AWS cloud account and identifies the exact balance of on-demand to reserved of your EC2 instances capacity. We go a step further and track how efficient your Reserved Instances are used and notify you in advance when they’re about to expire.

Deploying Secure Data Backup Over AWS Cloud

This presentation brought to you by Lahav Savir CEO at Emind. Emind services are focused on large scale system design, implementation, deployment and management specifically for the AWS cloud.

In his presentation he describes cloud enablement services that were provided to a global organization. According to Lahav this organization provides software solutions and technology for the travel industry – handles huge volumes of near real-time transactions and reservations. These slides are a result of a cloud migration of an inefficient and costly offsite backup infrastructure that was meant to manage an incrementally expanding database of more than 2.8 TB of storage.

Together with the great new capabilities cloud presented a new approach of multi-tenant environments and the sharing features. In this great capability also buried a great risk of resources exposure. AWS Cloud resource sharing options facilitates your ability to moce resources and application across multiple accounts and enjoy some public out-of-the-box service., yet it can also create risks for your digital property. Newvem informs you when an object is shared for you to determine if this is warranted or not. Check our Newvem security features to learn more.

The described deployment taking in mind regulatory compliance rule that the previous six months’ material must be readily available in a systematized fashion with cross-platform search functionality. This secured backup solution presented is based on AWS technologies such as S3 storage and EBS volumes explaining how to deal with great chunks of data in a secure manner while leveraging Porticor, cloud security solution.

Building Applications with DynamoDB: Overview and Best Practices

DynamoDB is the AWS cloud out-of-the-box NoSQL database service. Amazon cloud’s  customers can deploy their big data database tables in it and enjoy a fully managed service.

“Amazon DynamoDB is the fastest growing new service in the history of AWS.” Werner Vogles, Amazon CTO

This presentation brought to you by Matt Wood, Data-intensive Computing program manager at AWS. These slides introduce DynamoDB including how to get started,  its data modeling, the partitioning methods and analytics capabilities. If you  are considering what NoSql to use, DynamoDB is definitely one of the leading options.

Learn more: Enter DynamoDB – 9 Steps Manual

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Presentation: AWS EC2 and the Elastic Beanstalk

This presentation brougt to you by Jeff Barr, Senior Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. If you are new on AWS elastic compute cloud, this presentation includes some important basics on AWS EC2 includes a nice classification of  the different instances types (by EC2 compute units and memory).It also includes what’s EC2 security group, Elastic IP,  Elastic load balancer(ELB), CloudWatch, EBS and Auto-scalinng.

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This presentation will help you to get started with AWS EC2. Supported by the first part supports, the second part of the presentation elaborates on AWS Beanstalk  - put all the EC2 components together under the same roof. The third and last part  of the presentation details how to to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Git-based deployment of a PHP application.

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Cloud Security Management - Overview and Challenges

What’s your first priority cloud security concern ?

From an attacker’s perspective, cloud providers aggregate access to many victims’ data into a single point of entry. As the cloud environments become more and more popular, they will increasingly become the focus of attacks. Some organizations think that liability can be outsourced, but no, it cannot! This presentation will answer questions such as what are the key security challenges for new cloud comers. What are the options and how you can start with a safe cloud deployment?

  • The different Cloud security aspects
  • The cloud vendor versus the cloud customer - the responsibility perception
  • How Newvem helps its customers to avoid AWS cloud security vulnerabilities leveraging eco-system of cloud vendors.

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Infographic Demystifying Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates cloud computing, commanding 60% of the $2 billion public cloud marketplace. Here we demystify what goes on behind the scenes of AWS usage and show you how you can lower costs and increase availability with Newvem’s KnowYourCloud Analytics.

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