Hadoop & MapReduce

This is a deck of slides from a recent meetup of AWS Usergroup Greece, presented by Ioannis Konstantinou from the National Technical University of Athens.
The presentation gives an overview of the Map Reduce framework and a description of its open source implementation (Hadoop). Amazon’s own Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) service is also mentioned. With the growing interest on Big Data this is a good introduction to the subject.

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Highly Available Web Properties in AWS

AWS cloud products facilitate the way you can easily and in a reasonable time, deploy a scalable online  service on Amazon cloud infrastructure. The slides include schemes that deal with the different cloud aspects such as elasticity, performance and security. The architectures demonstrated uses some advanced AWS products such as Auto-scaling, RDS, Route53 and much more. The presentation is a bit long, take your time and you will find these AWS features that can help you understand how to get more of your AWS cloud account.

Monitoring Your AWS Cloud Infrastructure

The presentation includes great overview on why and how to monitor an online application running on a cloud infrastructure. It is based on the author extensive experience running a high traffic real estate portal on AWS cloud infrastructure. In the presentation you will find a list of the different types of monitoring layers from the underlying infrastructure all the way up the application stack.

Cassandra Performance and Scalability on AWS

Summary of past Cassandra benchmarks performed by Netflix and description of how Netflix uses Cassandra interspersed with a live demo automated using Jenkins and JMeter that created two 12 node Cassandra clusters from scratch on AWS, one with regular disks and one with SSDs. Both clusters were scaled up to 24 nodes each during the demo.

This presentation brought to you by Adrian Cockcroft, Director, Cloud Architecture at Netflix Inc.

To learn much more check out Netflix Techblog

Keywords: Amazon Cloud Services, Apache Cassandra, Performance, Scalability, NoSQL, JMeter,  EBS, SSD

In Depth: AWS Shared Security Model

AWS Shared Security Model - Slideshare presentation brought to you by the AWS cloud guys. The presentation gives a nice basic overview on AWS Security including the “Shared responsibility model”, features and products. If you are new on AWS this is a must in order to quickly understand what are the public cloud vendor’s expectation and will support your plans to move and utilizing the public cloud while outsourcing part of your IT security.

Optimizing for Cost in the AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud Case Study:

By Oren Yagev Co-Founder, CTO at

One Hour Translation provides High quality, Fast, 24×7 Professional Human Translation in more than 57 languages. This great online service able to provide high-quality translations around the clock, any day, thanks to a community of over 10000 professional translators from over 100 different countries.

One Hour Translation serve tens of thousands of projects a month thanks to AWS cloud technologies which enables fast and transparent scaling of our service.This is a case study for IT architecture and deployment on AWS with security monitoring using Newvem’s services.

Watch Oren’s Lecture Recording

AWS Case Study: Real estate portal

The following slideshare presentation was contributed by , one of Newvem honorable community experts. Andreas is the CTO and co-founder of / (a high traffic real estate portal in Greece). The last AWS outage prove us all that the cloud is still young. Establishing an online mega portal based on AWS cloud infrastructure include great challenges, our travel through the clouds just began and new adventures waiting for us just behind the corner.

We invite you to check Andreas’ articles on Newvem’s resources channel or contact him for help.


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MongoDB on Amazon Cloud

The prsentation brought you by Jared Rosoff, Director of Product Marketing and Technical Alliances at 10gen. The presentation includes an overview of MongoDB deployment on Amazon cloud service. You will also find some basic operational considerations with regards to deployment, backup and security management. Jared also published an interesting NoSQL database comparison on his blog, we strongly advice you to review.

Cloud-powered Continuous Integration and Deployment architectures

Important step with cloud adoption is to manage quick cycles of learning and improvement of the cloud environment. The following presentation brought you by Amazon AWS guys contains great amount of slides including best practices and examples for Continuous Deployment, Optimization and Integration.

Keywords: cloud architecture, cloud adoption, cloud environment, amazon aws best practices, amazon aws continuous deployment, amazon aws optimization, amazon aws Integration.

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