The Art of Infrastructure Elasticity

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Enter DynamoDB - 9 Steps Manual

The following presentation describe briefly how to start with DynamoDB to support PHP sessions. Check out the full article – PHP Sessions with a DynamoDB Backend, includes why to move to DynamoDB (AWS Cloud Scalable and Consistently performing NoSql as a service) and additional important considerations.

Cloud Management by Newvem

The following presentation presented by Newvem Analytic service on the Cloud Management IGT forum meetup.

Cloud Management evolved from the traditional Systems Management perception. The cloud changes the way management done - “Monitoring” changes to “Analyze” and “optimizing the cloud environment” is crucial in order to be able to adopt cloud right in order to really benefit from it.

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Architecture Blueprints for achieving High Availability in AWS

Cloud HA by Harish Ganesan, CTO at 8KMiles Cloud Solutions

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Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB

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Predicting Costs on Amazon Web Services

By: Jeff Barr - Senior Manager, Cloud Computing Solutions at, Inc Learn how-to predict costs quickly and accurately. Barr presents his 5Ms model, gives specific application examples, and then prices the applications using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

Netflix Cloud Architecture by Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix Cloud Architect

Cloud App Design Patterns by Shlomo Swidler

Scalable Architecture on Amazon AWS Cloud

Following last CloudInsights’ blog posts in regards to consumption, scalabliity and elasticity, we suggest you to check the following presentation. In it you will find a good summary for the basics of building scalable system on Amazon AWS cloud. The presentation brought to you by Kalpak Shah Founder & CEO,  Clogeny Technologies 

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Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

Newvem's eBook for Cloud Operations