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Make Optimal Capacity Decisions with Our Cloud Utilization Heat Map

Get Your AWS Utilization Heat Map

  • Visualize your AWS utilization by time series, machine type, region, availability zone, and much more

  • Identify consistent usage and move it to a cheaper plan

  • Increase utilization / scale up to meet peak hour demand

  • Reduce AWS total cost of ownership (TCO)

“Tracking AWS usage over multiple regions, especially outside of the United States, can be very challenging.  The utilization heat map helps us to improve our capacity planning across regions, something we couldn’t otherwise do.” – Chemi Katz, VP Technology, Double Verify

What is it?

The Cloud Capacity Utilization Heat Map gives a visual picture into your AWS cloud’s capacity and utilization. This dynamic and easy view enables AWS users to identify fixed vs. variable capacity, make better capacity planning decisions, and spot usage which could be better economically served over fixed capacity computing platforms (i.e. Reserved Instances, hybrid, or private clouds).

Why is it important?

  • The Heat Map helps to make better capacity planning decisions, spot variable and steady workloads to better meet workload service levels, and reduce long term costs.
  • Poor AWS usage creates waste. An average AWS user wastes more than 25% of their spend, while 15% suffer from underutilization issues.
  • The Capacity Heat Map is the first AWS usage heat map on the market.